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Lara Williams and Dave Sanders

Driving business: A real estate team chooses electric

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Lara Williams and Dave Sanders, Broker-Owners of The Green Team Real Estate, thought that an electric vehicle might make a great company car.  They knew that it would resonate with their clients who typically share their passion for energy efficiency and more sustainable living.

But they also had questions.  While a typical day of driving clients to home showings and other business travel totaled about 30-35 miles, from time to time a particularly busy day would have them rack up 3 to 4 times the norm.  Would an electric car be able to keep up?

Lara and Dave purchased a Chevy Volt in May 2012, and it delivered.  It proved to be the perfect fit as their primary company car, with its all-electric 30-40 mile range covering the majority of daily driving needs, while the on-board gas generator would keep them rolling on those rare high-mileage days.

“Simply put, the Volt has exceeded our expectations,” Williams said.  “We use it just like any other midsize sedan, but the Volt is more quiet, accelerates faster, and handles better than what we’ve driven before.”

It’s also proven to be a hit with clients, many of whom had never before ridden in an EV.

“In business it’s always great to stand out, and when we drive clients around in our EV, I know that they’ll remember us and probably mention us to their friends too,” Sanders said.

As of the end of 2012, their Volt is averaging 251 mpg.  Of the 5,600 miles driven so far, 85% of the miles were powered by the battery.  Lara and Dave skip the gas station and instead recharge their Volt overnight with a simple connection to a standard 110V outlet in their garage.