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Governor signs alternative energy vehicle bills in Loveland

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By Jessica Maher Reporter-Herald Staff Writer
Posted:   05/15/2013 03:24:47 PM MDT


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, right, speaks during a signing ceremony for two alternative energy bills on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at the City of Loveland’s Water and Power Division. ( Steve Stoner )

In his swing through Northern Colorado on Wednesday, Gov. John Hickenlooper chose Loveland as the location to sign a pair of bills that support alternative energy vehicles.

Speaking at Loveland Water and Power surrounded by plug-in vehicles and a crowd of city staff, local elected officials and those involved in the regional Drive Electric Northern Colorado program, Hickenlooper called the city a model for other communities around the state.

“Loveland’s participation in Drive Electric Northern Colorado says a lot about this community,” he said.

It’s been four months since the Washington, D.C.-based Electrification Coalition launched the Drive Electric Northern Colorado program, with the cities of Loveland, Fort Collins

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, middle, signs an alternative energy vehicle bill during a signing ceremony on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at the City of Loveland’s Water and Power Division. ( Steve Stoner )

and Colorado State University taking part. In that time, Loveland has continued to transition its fleet from gas-fueled cars with plug-in models and recently received a state grant to install more infrastructure throughout the city so that drivers can charge their electric vehicles.

“We’re helping to move to the next generation of cars on the road,” Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez said.

Touting Loveland as a leader in sustainability that extends beyond electric vehicles into efforts such as recycling, retrofitting lighting and LEED certification, Gutierrez said he was honored that the governor chose Loveland as his stopping ground to sign the bills.

“I’m truly proud that Loveland is leading the charge,” he said, laughing

at the pun.

The two bills Hickenlooper signed — House Bills 1110 and 1247 — go a long way toward Colorado’s goal of getting more electric vehicles on the road and doing it in a cost-effective way, the governor said.

“You begin to realize that Colorado really is a leader in looking at alternative fuels,” he said.

House Bill 1110 updates and simplifies the state’s excise tax statues related to alternative fuels and 1247 expands the tax credit for consumers who buy alternative energy vehicles. Rep. Randy Fischer, the sponsor of House Bill 1110 and co-sponsor of 1247, praised the partnerships that made the bills successful.

Hickenlooper made additional stops to sign bills on Wednesday in Boulder and Greeley before heading to Fort Collins for the groundbreaking event for Woodward Inc.’s new headquarters.

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