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Driving the Electric Future: An EV Enthusiast’s Perspective

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Being an electronics technician for 38 years means that Michael Koenig has had time to develop an appreciation for anything high-tech – especially cars.  His first hybrid vehicle was a 2005 Toyota Prius.  After owning several hybrid vehicles, he purchased a 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in last year.

“I wanted a vehicle that plugged in and made a great commuter car and yet was able to do a cross country trip all while getting great mileage” Koenig said.  After over 12,000 miles, he reported that almost 3,000 of those miles were driven on electricity only.  “With a Plug-In Hybrid vehicle, it’s a great way to reduce dependence on foreign oil, reduce green house gas emissions and it’s just plain fun to drive around town in ‘stealth mode’, not using a single drop of gas” he said.

Michael’s long term goal is to purchase an all-electric vehicle – he is seriously considering the third generation Tesla sedan – which is due out in approximately three years.  Last year he upgraded his electrical service anticipating owning an electric vehicle.  “My garage is now wired for 240V so that I can install a Level 2 charger, I’m just waiting for my dream car to come to market” he said.  He currently charges his Prius PHV every night in his garage using a standard 120V outlet.

Michael wants to share his passion for plug-in electric vehicles by supporting ride and drive events sponsored by the Drive Electric Northern Colorado organization.  Spreading the EV word and having people experience the technology is very rewarding and he hopes that with time, EV adoption will really take off in Northern Colorado.