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Stressful drives turn into “Zen” with Ford Fusion Energi

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In May of 2013, Tonie Miyamoto, the Director of Communications and Sustainability for Housing & Dining Services at Colorado State University purchased her first Electric Vehicle, the Ford Fusion Energi. Tonie had previously owned a hybrid SUV but was ready to take the next step toward reducing emissions with the purchase of an EV. Tonie uses her Fusion Energi to commute to work, take road trips, and “haul things around town.”


Before owning her Fusion, Tonie heard many stereotypes about EVs that she was quickly ready to dispel after doing research.

 “I love that the Ford Fusion Energi looks, drives, and performs like a high-end sedan. It is the furthest thing from the “golf cart” some people warned me I would get with an EV. It comfortably seats 5 people, has top safety ratings, and all the features including leather seats, a sunroof, a great sound system, navigation, driver assist package, and a streamlined body style. This is definitely the vehicle for those who don’t want to compromise design and performance in an EV,” said Tonie.

 Like many people who live in Colorado, Tonie shares a passion for the outdoors, and loves that her Fusion Energi has given her the ability to enjoy frequent trips to the mountains without polluting the environment through the harmful tailpipe emissions of a conventional vehicle. She believes that her Fusion Energi is the perfect car to combine her love for the environment and her adventurous spirit.

 Tonie had a few worries before purchasing her EV, but all were resolved after doing research into the benefits of the vehicle. Tonie was nervous about the transition to a new technology, but she mentioned that the incredible reviews and “robust warranty” helped her resolve this concern. She was also worried about the high cost of an EV compared to a gas vehicle, which she discovered was offset by the Federal and State of Colorado tax credits currently available, as well as the long-term maintenance and gas savings. Tonie estimates to be saving around $100 per month with her Fusion. Tonie was also worried about the driving range of an EV because of her road trips to the mountains, but the Fusion Energi resolves this with the back-up gas engine, which has a range of 620 miles.

 Tonie’s EV purchase has helped turn stressful daily commutes into a time for relaxation and peace-of-mind. “I find it very Zen to drive this vehicle. Between the quiet, smooth ride and the soothing leaf display on the dash, I find my commute has gone from stressful to an enjoyable opportunity to relax. When I’m feeling more competitive, I put on great music and challenge myself to see how many mpg’s I can get – my record so far is 170.”

 The Ford Fusion Energi has exceeded Tonie’s expectations and she believes that everyone can find an EV to meet their needs. “I researched various EV models for over a year before purchasing and I am confident that there is a great EV option out there for every need with more models hitting the market all the time,” said Tonie.