Local Company Goes 100% Electric - Drive Electric Northern Colorado

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Local Company Goes 100% Electric

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On June 20th, The Maids cleaning services switched to electric when they leased two Nissan Leafs from Tynan’s Nissan in Fort Collins, Colorado. The owner of The Maids, Dave Ryan, was contacted by Tynan’s Nissan to talk about the cost benefits of leasing electric cars and he was completely convinced.

The two Nissan Leafs that have replaced the conventional vehicles in the Maids’ fleet, drive all around Northern Colorado to provide cleaning services- from Loveland, to Fort Collins, to Greeley. Dave Ryan and The Maids employees have never had issues with the company Leafs driving the routes necessary for their busy cleaning service.

Ryan’s original reasons for switching to EVs were the cost benefits. The car payments on the Nissan Leafs are less than he was previously spending on gasoline for the company’s conventional vehicles. “It is so nice to be able to drive right past the gas stations,” mentioned Ryan. He also noted that while the financial savings are wonderful, another benefit of making the switch was the ability to provide a green environment for his employees and the communities they serve.

Ryan’s favorite part of driving the Leafs is the ability to plug them in to a regular 110-volt outlet. The Maids charge their Leafs at their office when the cars return from their workdays. By the next morning, the cars are fully charged and ready for another day driving around Northern Colorado.

To test the range of the Leafs, Ryan drove one of the cars from Loveland to Estes Park, a drive that is mostly up-hill. When asked about how the Leaf handled the drive, Ryan said, “ The Leaf drove very nice, handled the roads well and had plenty of power.”  He mentioned that the regenerative breaking feature recharged the car’s battery on the drive back down from the mountains, and he made it back to Loveland with plenty of power. Regarding the battery, Ryan mentioned that the Leafs are “always very reliable.”