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Fort Collins Teacher Helps to Educate Students about the Future of Transportation

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The Following Blog was written by one of Fort Collins’ own teachers at Fossil Ridge High School. Nick Peterson ordered his Leaf in April of 2012 from the Nissan Website “back when the process required advanced reservations and a 6 month wait while the car was built and shipped from Japan.”  Nick mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised to have his Leaf delivered in June- about 3 months ahead of schedule.


“I am passionate about clean energy, the environment, and advanced technology.  EVs are a phenomenal marriage of my passions, and the Leaf at the time was the best quality package for the price. I’ve also been grotesquely ripped off during my previous gas car ownership experiences.  Overpriced repairs, shady mechanics, expensive parts and labor, pollution, waste, and the relentless inconvenience of gas fill ups and oil changes have fueled my desire to go electric as fast as possible.  The elegance, efficiency, and simplicity of electric drive makes me an avowed believer that I will never purchase a gas vehicle again.  Plus, I can’t imagine life without instant torque and silent driving!

I have really enjoyed people approaching me in parking lots with questions during my first few months.  It was a chance for me to share my enthusiasm for EVs and help shift the perception that EVs were “Toys for the rich”.  I’m certainly not rich!  I work in a high school… And am still paying my student loans.  The frugality of such an efficient vehicle was a selling point for me that I enjoyed sharing.  In fact, I really enjoyed people’s reactions when I told them that every month it costs me around $20.00 in electricity to drive about 1,000 miles.

I have owned several other vehicles before my Leaf that all got the job done, but I hated oil changes and was disappointed by the gas mileage. I love the quality and silence of the Leaf’s drive. I am so spoiled now that I can’t stand the slowness and noise of gas powered vehicles; they seem so inefficient and clunky by comparison.  I also love the fact that I charge at home each night.  It’s just as routine as plugging in my iPhone, and an 80% charge is more than enough for daily driving needs.  Also, I love being able to turn on the car’s climate control from my phone or computer.  It’s great when I can turn on the heat 10 minutes before I walk out from work and have the ice/snow melted from the windows and car’s interior nice and warm.  I mildly feel bad for people in the parking lot after work who are stuck scraping ice off their cars… If only they knew the delights of an EV.

I have some funny students who I can tell have chosen to believe some widely debunked myths about EVs, and it’s fun to engage in those discussions.  Some of my favorites:

Myth: EVs are worse for the environment than gas cars

My response: Electric drive is more than 80% efficient, versus around 20% efficiency for gas.  Plus, electricity can be produced from renewable energies.  Oil extraction, processing, and conventional transport are highly polluting.

Myth: EVs aren’t green because their batteries take a ton of resources

My response: There is some truth to that, but batteries are reusable and recyclable.

Myth: EVs are not American

My response: The LEAF is built in Tennessee, and many other EVs are US built.  Not to mention Tesla…”


Blog written by Nick Peterson