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Fort Collins Couple Convert Both Vehicles to Electric

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Nancy and Larry Rudeen recently leased two Nissan Leafs from Tynan’s Automotive, a Fort Collins Nissan dealership. The Rudeens previously drove a van and a sedan, and were worried about their gas consumption and the rising gas prices. “We were looking for an economical car and were intrigued by the Nissan Leaf, since it was an all electric car. With gas prices rising, we felt it was an excellent alternative,” said Nancy.

The Rudeens noted that they are also very energy conscious, and were concerned with reducing CO2 output. Both Larry and Nancy drive to work each day, Larry driving 30 miles and Nancy driving 10-12 miles. With their new EVs, the Leaf SL and Leaf SV, they are excited to have the ability to commute without harming the environment.

Before leasing the Leafs, Nancy was worried about the battery for the cars, which she quickly realized works well for their commutes. Nancy noted “The power has proven to be excellent” for both vehicles. When asked her favorite features of her EV Nancy answered, “I love how it drives. It is quiet, handles well, and has plenty of power. I especially like that we don’t have to purchase gas anymore.” Nancy estimates that they are saving around $100 per month on gas, and she loves that she does not have to stop to fill up her car.