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Northern Colorado Works to Reduce Community’s Environmental Impact

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Over the last few months, the community of Northern Colorado has demonstrated its passion for minimizing its environmental impact. This motivation is one of the main reasons why Drive Electric Northern Colorado selected the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins out of all the communities in the United States to be its first EV deployment community. Along with a few other factors, the willingness among residents and local governments to create meaningful change constructs the ideal atmosphere to begin an EV deployment model that can be replicated by other communities across the U.S.

Loveland and Fort Collins demonstrated this motivation several times over the last few months. DENC attended and presented at two different conferences in Northern Colorado in October and November 2013— the NetZero Cities conference and the Business Innovation Fair. Both of these events demonstrated Northern Colorado’s unique desire, commitment, and ability to reduce the community’s impact on the environment. DENC was proud to be an integral part of these conversations.

The Net Zero Cities conference was hosted by ClimateWise Fort Collins.  Speakers from 15 different countries presented to businesses and individuals from Northern Colorado and all over the world.  The Mayors and Sustainability Directors in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Boulder, and policy leaders from areas much farther away such as Salt Lake City, Utah, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Copenhagen, Denmark gathered on a panel to answer questions about how the cities are making an effort to adopt innovative ways to arrive at “NetZero” carbon emissions.

Transitioning to electric vehicles was an important part of this conversation, and DENC spoke about the Northern Colorado efforts, progress, and goals for EV transition. DENC presented on a panel of electric vehicle experts that discussed the benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles. The panel was called, “To Electrify or Not to Electrify.” Ben Prochazka, who represented DENC on this panel, immediately answered the question that was posed in the title of the panel saying, “It’s not a question, it’s imperative.” The Electrification Coalition states, “The U.S. transportation sector is 94 percent reliant on oil-based fuel for energy,” and “Electric vehicles can also offer significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” Clearly, the benefits of transitioning to EVs can contribute significantly to Northern Colorado’s goal of reducing the community’s environmental impact.

Both the Net Zero Cities conference and the Business Innovation Fair demonstrated Northern Colorado’s desire to collaborate and innovate. This community is making great strides in adopting ways to reduce our impact, and DENC is proud to be an integral part of these conversations and efforts.