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Local Leader Drives Electric

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Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) recently received a message from a local leader in Loveland, Colorado—Pastor Woody Carlson. Pastor Woody heard about DENC from the local newspaper and contacted the program because he drives a Chevy Volt and wanted to spread the word about going electric.

Pastor Woody purchased his Chevy Volt in December 2012, replacing his 2006 Prius, which was then passed to his daughter. He is excited that his Volt gets above 90 miles per gallon, an increase from the already efficient Prius. Like many people who transition from conventional vehicles to EVs, Pastor Woody also noticed the fast acceleration of his Volt, as well as the silent drive.

Until 2012, Pastor Woody had been waiting and watching for a “practical” electric car to come out on the market. Now, after the long wait it seems that he made the right choice. “The Volt is the best all-around car I have ever had,” said Pastor Woody. The first step to promoting the use of electric vehicles at his church was to install charging stations. To provide accessible charging for himself and the members of his congregation in Woodinville, WA, Pastor Woody installed a level II charging station at the church. “I think it was the first church in the nation to have a charging station,” said Pastor Woody. “Once it happened I knew I was going to buy an electric car. I put my name on the list for the Nissan LEAF, but when the Volts appeared it seemed to be a better fit for all my emergency trips to hospitals and homes.”

His church is a great place for him to tell others about his excitement for electric cars. The staff and guests who notice the car plugged in at the church are always asking questions about the Volt. While there were a few speed bumps while installing charging at the church, Pastor Woody considered the challenges an opportunity to learn and educate others about the process of instituting new technology. “I guess it is a good opportunity to educate folks on the benefits and low costs of electric power,” said Pastor Woody.

According to its website, the philosophy at King of Glory Lutheran Church is, “A Place to Grow!,” which aligns with Pastor Woody’s interest in helping the environment prosper by driving a vehicle with a minimum impact. “I want to do something to help the environment.  I believe that is part of my responsibility as a Christian, and God has called us to help care for the creation,” said Pastor Woody about his motivation for driving electric.  “I also think we can get overwhelmed by the environmental problems that surround us, but even though I can’t do everything to fix the planet, I can do something. This is a place I wanted to start.”

Pastor Woody is working with Drive Electric Northern Colorado to host an electric car Ride and Drive for his congregation on May 4th. Stay tuned to the DENC Events Page for more information about this event.