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Another Affordable EV Option Now Available in Northern Colorado!

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Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) has formed a new partnership with Fort Collins Mitsubishi to provide yet another option for driving electric in Northern Colorado. Fort Collins Mitsubishi unveiled the Mitsubishi iMiEV on April 16, 2014 with an exciting launch party.

When the team at Fort Collins Mitsubishi learned about the opportunity to be an iMiEV dealership, they jumped on the chance to join the ever-growing EV community in Northern Colorado. “We had the opportunity to claim as many iMiEV’s as we could handle, and we were elated to see that we could get so many. We know that we are in the perfect market for electric cars, with a well-educated and eco-conscious Northern Colorado,” said Morgan Steinbeck, Fort Collins Mitsubishi Sales and Internet Manager.

The dealership is excited to bring an affordable EV option to the area and to help educate consumers about the benefits or driving electric. “We are excited to be able to provide the public with the most affordable all-electric vehicle, make it easier for people to obtain, and increase the number of electric vehicles on the road,” Morgan Steinbeck said. “We currently have electric vehicles that we use for service loaners and it’s absolutely amazing to see the look on customers’ faces who would probably never have even considered the cars. Their faces light up and they start inquiring about how the cars work, pricing, and other information. It’s awesome to help clear up the misconceptions about EVs!”

When Tom Wood, previous owner of Tom Wood Automotive, opened his first dealership in the late 1960s he established the principles of honor, integrity and loyalty as an integral part of the company platform. The company has since grown to include 18 franchises all over the United States, and still retains these principles. When Tom Wood lost his hard-fought battle with cancer in February 2010, his legacy of honor, integrity, and loyalty was passed to his son Jeff, the current president of Tom Wood Automotive, who continues to infuse these values today. Jeff Wood decided to bring Tom Wood Automotive to Northern Colorado because he saw the need for a Mitsubishi dealership in the area and decided that the heart of Fort Collins would be a tremendous location.

Fort Collins Mitsubishi has spent a significant amount of time and effort preparing for the launch of the Mitsubishi iMiEV in Fort Collins. “We currently have one charging station up and rolling and we plan to put in two public charging ports outside for customers to use,” Morgan Steinbeck said. The company is also training its sales people on all aspects of the iMiEV so they can provide customers with all the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. “The only problem we are running into is that we have already pre-sold most of what we have coming in. It’s hard to keep these bad boys on the shelf,” said Morgan Steinbeck.

The dealership is very excited to partner with Drive Electric Northern Colorado. “We believe it is imperative to reduce our dependency on a foreign fuel all while saving the environment,” Morgan Steinbeck said. “The DENC mission is admirable and we are excited to be able to provide Fort Collins with a low cost all-electric vehicle. We are excited about saving our customers money, one iMiEV at a time!”