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DENC and Advanced Energy Host Large Employee Ride and Drive

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On May 28, 2014, Advanced Energy (AE) will be working with Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) to host one of the largest Northern Colorado Ride and Drives to date. The event will be hosted at AE’s corporate headquarters and main product engineering site in Fort Collins, Colorado, providing the company’s 555 employees with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

DENC is always excited to work with technology-focused companies like AE because their employees are passionate about the emerging electric vehicle technology. Likewise, Advanced Energy is excited to host a Ride and Drive for the opportunity to educate its employees about community environmental initiatives. “Advanced Energy strives to protect the environment, working with our customers, employees, and suppliers” said JD Johnson, Environmental Compliance Manager at Advanced Energy. “Our focus is on minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations and other business activities, and providing products and services that enable our customers to exceed their environmental objectives. The Ride and Drive event is a great way to promote electric vehicle use by our employees.”

AEcoverAdvanced Energy was founded in 1981 with the core values of environmental stewardship and quality. Today, AE provides industry-leading companies around the world with the technology required for semiconductor thin-film manufacturing and solar energy markets. Advanced Energy now has employees all over the world from Seoul, South Korea to Metzingen, Germany. Recently, Advanced Energy released the new one million Watt Solar PV Inverter, which is 98 percent efficient—a large milestone for the Advanced Energy company. To learn more about Advanced Energy, visit the company website.


Fort Collins is an engineering and corporate site for Advanced Energy, and as such many employees at this location have a technology and engineering background. DENC anticipates an inquisitive group with interest in the financial benefits of electric vehicles in addition to what JD calls “design curiosity” about vehicle specs and performance. Many employees of Advanced Energy already own EVs. “Several of our employees currently own electric vehicles that we see in the parking lot every day,” Johnson said. “We design power conversion equipment, so an electric vehicle would be a technical interest for many.”