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The Schultz Family were the first to purchase the BMW i3 from Co’s BMW

DENC Partner Co’s BMW Celebrates 40th Anniversary This Year

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“It is great to be working with a group of people who are passionate about electric vehicles. Drive Electric Northern Colorado creates a great, low-pressure, educational environment where we can present the i3 to the public next to other EVs.”  –Marissa West, Marketing Coordinator with Co’s BMW

Co’s BMW was founded in 1974—40 years ago, by Co Van Herwaarden. Mr. Van Herwaarden had just six European cars in stock at his lot in Greeley, Colorado but was able to grow the company significantly in the years following 1974. The Co’s dealership has remained an integral part of the dynamic Northern Colorado economy and is currently managed by Co’s daughters, Christina Dawkins and Rosalie Van Herwaarden.

In 2013 Co’s received the opportunity to debut the electric BMW i3 in Loveland before the car was seen anywhere else in the United States. The honor came partly from the dealership’s involvement in Drive Electric Northern Colorado. “With the headway that the DENC was making with EV education and adoption, BMW wanted to be a part of it and acknowledged the importance of debuting the BMW i3 to consumers in Northern Colorado,” said Christina Dawkins, Owner of Co’s BMW.

Co’s is excited about the opportunity to bring such a unique vehicle to people who appreciate cutting-edge technology and design. “Northern Colorado has a lot of people who are tech savy, which is the perfect target market for the i3. It is such an incredible vehicle”, said Marissa West, Marketing Manager for Co’s BMW.

The BMW i3 has drawn a lot of attention since its arrival at the launch a few months ago.  When seen on the street, the body style and color options catch the eye from a distance. Not only does the car have a unique body, but its design features are also one of a kind. “The i3 is the first car built from the ground up to be an electric car, meaning it is not an adaption of an existing car,” said Jeff Hayes, Co’s BMW’s New Car Manager. “The BMW i3’s modern interior and zero-emission technology won it the 2014 World Car Design of the Year award and the World Green Car of the Year award. BMW didn’t want to sacrifice performance when they introduced an EV, the i3 can go from 0-60mph in less than 7 seconds.”

The BMW i3 is the first fully electric BMW in BMW’s diverse fleet of Ultimate Driving Machines. With that comes a lot of new things to learn. “Our Client Advisors and Technicians have to go to a lot of special training in order to learn the ins and outs of the car. In addition, we had to make room in our showroom for a special interactive BMW i3 display,” said West about Co’s effort to provide exceptional service for customers interested in the i3.

Co’s has been allocated a number of i3s to sell in 2014, and though many are spoken for, there is still the opportunity to order one for yourself! Matt Bailey is the dedicated BMW i3 Client Advisor at Co’s and would be happy to give you all the information you need about the vehicle. He is well equipped to answer any BMW i3 questions you may have and can be reached by calling Co’s BMW Center at 970-292-5200. Additionally, if you would like to test drive an i3 through DENC, please check out our Events Page on the DENC website to learn about the next Ride and Drive where the i3 will be present.


Photo: The Schultz Family in front of the BMW i3. The Schultz were the first to purchase the BMW i3 from Co’s BMW.