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New Belgium’s Brewery District Service Drives Electric

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Photo Courtesy of New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company may be a world-renowned brewery because it consistently turns out a top-quality product, but it also strives to create a high-involvement culture dedicated to forming a sustainable business model. Since its founding in 1991, New Belgium has worked to adhere to core principles of environmental stewardship and innovation to drive social change. Following these principles, New Belgium’s founders Jeff and Kim Jordan were inclined to give their first employee a stake in the company, and today, New Belgium is a thriving, employee-owned cooperative.

These same tenets are the driving force behind the socially conscious ideas that have become the cornerstones of the New Belgium business model. It was New Belgium’s commitment to environmental stewardship, for instance, that led to the adoption of electric cars within the local sales fleet known as the Brewery District Service (BDS) team. Plug-in electric vehicles are significantly more efficient than cars run by traditional gas-powered engines, so adoption of electric fleet vehicles into the BDS fleet was a natural choice for a company that values conservation.

The BDS team delivers beer to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores all over the city of Fort Collins, and since 2006, these hard-working folks have reduced fleet greenhouse gas emissions by 53% per mile. Composed of two hybrid electric delivery trucks, five Prius hybrid cars and two plug-in electric Nissan LEAFs, the team’s cutting-edge vehicles have contributed to this reduction in a significant way. Coupled with efficient driver training, these super-efficient cars and trucks have helped drive down New Belgium’s greenhouse gas footprint for the past eight years.

But New Belgium’s commitment to increasing electric vehicle adoption in our community doesn’t end there. In 2012, New Belgium added two on-site electric vehicle charging stations, which are available to the public free of charge. The two charging stations are open to customers who check in at the registration desk from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. The stations are a reflection of the idea that electric vehicles are a more efficient transportation option, reducing emissions and increasing consumer choice. In addition, New Belgium provides free workplace charging for its co-workers, creating an great work environment for EV drivers who work at the Brewery.

Just a few years ago, there were few options across the Front Range when it came to finding a charging station, which is why the Brewery decided to install two charging ports on site. Today, these charging stations represent two among the dozens of stations installed in Fort Collins alone, thanks in part to the efforts of companies like New Belgium, whose dedication to energy efficiency has helped pioneer an impressive electric vehicle infrastructure in Northern Colorado.

New Belgium’s unique business model, as well as its socially and environmentally conscious mission, have made it one of the most highly acclaimed businesses in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado’s Front Range. Its commitment to environmental responsibility and increased efficiency is evident across the company’s operations. Installing free, publicly available charging stations, converting its fleet to all-electric vehicles, and supporting local charging infrastructure all illustrate New Belgium’s forward-thinking, innovative nature, as well as its devotion to the community.

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