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Colorado Energy Office is All About EVs

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Want to drive electric? The State of Colorado is making it easier to make the decision to plug-in. The following post was written by the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) to highlight ways CEO is making Colorado a great place to drive electric. CEO is working to increase charging availability throughout the state through a grant called the Charge Ahead Colorado program. They are also driving several legislative initiatives.

Just as Northern Colorado has made incredible strides to increase adoption of plug-in electric vehicles through the groundbreaking Drive Electric Northern Colorado program, the rest of the state has also made significant progress on the mass implementation of electric vehicles (EVs) in the last year.

Increasing Charging Access: Through the Charge Ahead Colorado program, a partnership between CEO and the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC), 92 EV charging stations have received funding since 2013 (including several in Northern Colorado). CEO anticipates 34 more stations to be funded by the end of the year, bringing the total number of EV charging stations in the state to more than 200.

Charge Ahead Colorado is designed to alleviate “range anxiety” by expanding charging infrastructure, in many cases helping municipalities install their first public EV charging station. This effort comes with the support of the Colorado State Legislature, who in 2009 established a fund within the CEO to administer these grants, which are paid for this year by federal dollars. This effort directly contributes to the CEO’s effort to continue the upward trend of innovation in the diversity of transportation fuels in Colorado

New Legislation this year: House Bill 14-1326, which passed in the spring, expanded tax credits for alternative fueled vehicles (AFVs), including EVs that range from $7,600 to $20,000 depending on vehicle size. The bill reduces the specific ownership tax for AFVs to 75% of their original value, helping to offset the potential higher upfront capital cost of these vehicles versus conventional internal combustion engine options. Senate Bill 14-028, which also passed in the spring, expands the eligibility of the existing Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant fund to include private businesses, non-profits, state agencies, public universities, and public transit agencies.

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) aims to build on this progress, working to diversify the state’s transportation fuels mix and focus on practical measures that will lead to greater adoption of EVs.

In addition to EV grant funding, the CEO has created an online consumer education resource for AFVs, This website is designed to help consumers and fleet managers make informed and educated decisions when considering the purchase of AFVs. The website provides consumers with AFV basics, fuel cost comparison tools, fueling locations, tax credit calculators and market development news.