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Meet New LEAF Expert and EV Enthusiast, Tom Lotz

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The Following Blog was written by Tom Lotz, the LEAF specialist at Tynan’s Nissan. Tom recently began driving the LEAF and cites the innovative technology and environmental benefits as his two favorite features of driving electric. Whether you are considering purchasing an EV, or just looking for some general information from a professional, Tom is a great resource!

My name is Tom Lotz, and I have lived in Northern Colorado my entire life. I have a beautiful family, and I have been married almost 16 years. My wife, Shannon, and I grew up in Loveland; we both went to school at University of Northern Colorado. I have a degree in Mathematics, with an emphasis in Actuarial Science, and my wife has an Elementary Teaching degree. We have two beautiful daughters—Ashlyn, who is 12, and Addyson, who is 8. They both attend St. John’s School in Loveland, where my wife has taught for 16 years. We are both busy keeping up with school and sports with our girls.

Before starting at Tynan’s Nissan, I grew up in the piano business. Natural Piano Center was our family owned-and-operated business here in Colorado since 1961. My grandfather started the business in 1941 in California. I managed and sold pianos for 17 years working alongside my family. I have classical piano training, and I enjoyed working with people, so it was a perfect fit!


After leaving the piano business I spent 5 years at Apple. I worked at an Apple Store in Denver for 3 years, and spent 2 years managing an Apple Specialist store in Fort Collins. I love technology and seeing the benefits that can simplify someone’s life with the use of technology.

I met Ed Tynan when I was managing the Apple Specialist store here in Fort Collins, and we became friends. He recruited me to join the Tynan’s Nissan family, and I decided to give it a try. I love working at Tynan’s Nissan—it has the feeling of a small business, and I instantly felt at home. The Tynan’s family is very honest, and they are great people to work for. They are on the sales floor as much as possible, introducing themselves and talking to customers. It really is a family business, and we make customers feel like they are a part of it! It is amazing to watch.

I was assigned learning as much as I could about the Nissan LEAF my very first day on the job. The LEAF Expert, as they say. I fell in love with the vehicle and all the technology behind it. I felt very comfortable with it, and it felt very much like showing the benefits of buying an Apple computer.

The LEAF comes with all the “bells and whistles,” and you can even communicate with it through your computer or smart phone to check the battery or turn on the heat on a cold morning without setting foot outside. As I spend more time driving my LEAF, I have become more aware of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles. There is something peaceful about driving the car every day. It’s more than not having to stop for gas (though waving goodbye to the pump is a major perk), there is a feeling of tranquility. I often drive with the sound system off, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ride.

Next time you are near Tynan’s, please stop by and say hi! I love talking to LEAF owners while you grab a few kilowatts on our Quick Charger. I will grab you a coffee and we can talk about our electric vehicle experiences. For those future LEAF owners, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about electric cars and their benefits for everyday people.