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DENC Continues Local Collaborations: Snowbank Brewery

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In December Drive Electric Northern Colorado held a Ride and Drive and our EV enthusiast holiday party at one of the newest breweries in Northern Colorado, Snowbank Brewing Company. Not only does Snowbank offer a diverse list of unique brews, but also, Snowbank focuses their brewery culture heavily on innovation, and a passion for the Colorado lifestyle. Their enthusiasm for sustainable business, and interest in technology adds to their passion for an electrified transportation system. holiday party 3

“In an industry that cares deeply about its water supply, the benefits of reducing local pollution are obvious. From a business standpoint, Snowbank strives to brew beers that are innovative and of high quality, and the current generation of electric vehicles share the same goals. As a business that sees many daily visitors, we have an opportunity to take a position of leadership and influence by advocating this technology.”

Snowbank Brewery opened in Fort Collins in August of 2014, and is already becoming a staple of the Fort Collins beer scene. As Snowbank Brewery grows, they plan to further their commitment to EVs. Snowbank owners, Dave Rosso and Chris Kregoski, participated in DENC’s Drive Leadership by taking the BMW i3 for an extended, three day test-drive so they could further understand the technology and become better advocates.

snowbank brewing logoEncouraging the adoption of EVs isn’t the only way Snowbank practices sustainability, they also donate grains to local farms as feed for animals, and encourage staff, and customers, to bike to the brewery with their bike pumps outside, and discounted pints for anyone who “rides in”. Describing why Snowbank views plug-in electric vehicles as a beneficial alternative to the traditional internal combustion engine car, Becki Kregoski, an Owner and Sales Manager at Snowbank explains,

“Electric transportation is a today-ready alternative to most gasoline-powered transportation.  Most peoples’ daily commute is well within the range of current electric vehicles, and a move to electric would benefit the local environment by creating a pathway to power our transportation from renewable energy.”

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DENC’s volunteers, EV enthusiasts, and staff had a splendid time at the annual 2015 Holiday Party and Volunteer Recognition hosted at Snowbank, and our Ride and Drive event. Even on a snowy December Saturday afternoon, visitors poured into Snowbank brewery to grab a pint of their robust brew after test-driving one various EV models. Snowbank proudly supports DENC saying,

“DENC is a great voice for EVs as they grow in the Northern Colorado community, and nationally, DENC is and is a shining example of what an advocacy group can do for a good cause. It is very rare to be able to show the benefits of a technology so clearly; even more rare is a group of people so successful in their message.”