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Municipal Power Provider Energizes Fleet with All-Electric Focus

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Over the past year Northern Colorado has seen some great EV developments. The most recent of these comes from Platte River Power Authority, who has just added a brand new 2016 all-electric Ford Focus to their fleet. Platte River is a not-for-profit wholesale electricity generation and transmission service provider owned by the cities of Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and Estes Park.

IMG_3204When asked what generated PRPA’s interest in procuring an electric fleet vehicle, Joel Danforth, the Customer Service Program Manager for PRPA, explained, “Platte River has a long history with EV technology, dating back to the Toyota RAV4 EVs we had in our fleet over a decade ago. All of the municipalities we serve along the front-range, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, have EVs in their fleets, and most have charging infrastructure at their main utility buildings. Now that we have a more robust network of charging infrastructure across Northern Colorado, we have the fleet vehicle to continue participating in the EV market. I also think it will serve to provide additional awareness to staff at PRPA who are now able to check out the electric vehicle and get to know and understand how it operates.”

 Last summer, Platte River Authority installed two level 2 charging stations. The level 2 stations are available for public access and charge $1 per hour. DENC wrote a blog about PRPA’s workplace charging that you can read here.

 “We’ve had a presence in the EV market for sometime now, we’ve recently renewed our efforts with installation of charging infrastructure, and support for DENC, and now our latest fleet addition,” explained Joel.IMG_3212

 As many of the fleet vehicles at PRPA are Ford-made, PRPA felt comfortable in making the decision to purchase the Ford Focus Electric. Though not immediately available on the lot at our local dealership, the Ford Focus is one of many electric models available in Colorado when ordered. With an impressive 110 miles per gallon equivalent fuel consumption, PRPA is expecting to see great savings on total cost of ownership of the vehicle in coming years. The EV will mostly be used to travel to member municipalities in Longmont and Estes Park, about a 60-mile round trip. Currently, a few PRPA employees own EVs, and Danforth expects EV interest within the company to grow as more staff members are able to experience the technology.

 The Focus Electric has a sleek body style and an estimated 76-mile range. The EV has ample trunk space, with 13.2 cu ft. volume of room (about four golf bags!). As with all electric cars, the quiet drive is relaxing, and the electric motor provides instant torque. The Focus has an aerodynamic design and electric power-assisted steering that combines fuel efficiency and “fun to drive” technology, and creates a safe vehicle for icy roads or mountain trips.


Fleets across Northern Colorado are experiencing the benefits of electric fleet vehicles including reduced fuel costs, minimum-to-zero maintenance, investment in corporate sustainability, and helping to reduce our nation’s dependence on oil-based fuels. To learn more about fleet advantages, click here, or contact Annie Freyschlag at or (970) 987-3055 for more information.

 If you are interested in seeing Ford’s electric models for yourself or your fleet, contact Paul Phillips at Spradley-Barr Ford at 970-226-3673 or