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All-Electric Ford Focus Energizes Neuworks Mechanical Fleet

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Neuworks Mechanical Inc. is a contracting company for new commercial construction. They are based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Since the beginning, Neuworks Mechanical has aimed to be a leader in innovation and sustainability in Northern Colorado. Now, with the addition of a 2016 Ford Focus Electric to their fleet, Neuworks is once again leading by example and showing how electric vehicles can help companies save money, promote sustainability, and retain employees.

Neuworks owner Mark Neubauer explained why his company decided to buy an electric car, saying, “We saw a lot of value in owning an EV. Neuworks has always strived to be at the forefront of sustainability, not only in the systems we design and install, but also in the operation of our company. It just made sense.” As all of Neuworks’ other fleet vehicles run on gasoline, Neubauer felt the decision was a no-brainer, especially after researching the cost saving benefits.

With a range of 76 miles and 110 miles per gallon gas equivalent, Neuworks expects to save significantly on fuel in the coming years. As far as the electric bill goes, Neubauer said that they have seen no noticeable increase on their bill.

Neubauer believes that as more people get educated about EVs, picking one up will become an easy decision, saying, “Once people understand the benefits,” Neubauer said, “people will find their way around any obstacles [to purchase] they may face.”

Fleets across Northern Colorado are experiencing the benefits of electric fleet vehicles including reduced fuel costs, minimum-to-zero maintenance, investing in corporate sustainability, and helping to reduce our nation’s dependence on oil. To learn more about fleet advantages, click here or contact Tim Prior at or (608) 358-5724.