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CSU Opens New Parking Garage Featuring Six EV Chargers

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Colorado State University (CSU) recently opened a new parking garage on campus featuring six electric vehicle (EV) chargers, bringing the university’s total up to 24.

The South College Parking Garage, which opened two of its four planned levels on Monday, is located at the Pitkin and Mason Streets intersection. The EV charging spots on the first and second floor will be open to CSU students and employees with an EV parking permit as well as visitors with a daily or hourly pass. With the new chargers, CSU has solidified its place as a leader in the area of offering workplace charging.

“Workplace charging is vital,” said Aaron Fodge, Alternative Transportation Manager at CSU. “Employers have a unique opportunity to introduce EVs [to the community] through fleet purchases and charging onsite. This may prove to be an invaluable introduction to the world of EVs and their viability for many of our students and staff.”

The parking garage also reflects CSU’s commitment to sustainability in other ways, including its solar-ready roof and color-coded lights indicating open parking spaces, which help reduce emissions from vehicles circling around the garage looking for open spaces.

Work is expected to be fully completed by the end of August and staff are already looking at ways to incorporate EV charging into other structures currently in development. There has recently been a push to install chargers at the new football stadium and medical center. Both would be steps toward CSU’s commitment to make all future buildings “EV-ready”.

“We have found the installation costs of EV chargers shrink tremendously in new construction,” said Fodge.  “At CSU, we will pull conduit for future chargers at all our new buildings with adjacent parking.”

To learn more about CSU’s new parking structure, read the article on CSU Source.

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