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CSU, City of Fort Collins and Innosphere Partner to Host EV Charging Competition

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The City of Fort Collins, Colorado State University (CSU), and the Innosphere, a non-profit technology incubator, have partnered to launch Innovate Fort Collins, a competition aimed at improving EV charging across the city.

Organizations and companies within Fort Collins will examine the current state of EV infrastructure and submit proposals for managing the charging patterns of EVs within the city limits, addressing key issues such as peak charging times and increased burdens on the city’s energy infrastructure.

Proposals will be based on quantified data, either from data acquisition from vehicles or installed metering within Fort Collins only. Additionally, data must be acquired from different levels of the distribution system, such as individual transformers and substations.

Finalists will present their plans at CSU’s 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium on September 28th and 29th. The winners will be given an opportunity to test their proposals in a real-world environment with assistance from the City of Fort Collins Utilities. The competition is part of the city’s efforts to meet the goals it set forth in its Climate Action Plan.

“Technology innovation is absolutely needed to meet the goals laid out in the City of Fort Collins Climate Action Plan,” said Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO in a statement for CSU Source. “With Fort Collins setting out to be a leader in this space, it’s important to have an incubator organization fostering technology startups that have the potential to build new pathways towards a more sustainable future.”