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3 Weeks Left of DENC’s Nationally Recognized EV Group Buy Program

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If you haven’t heard yet, Drive Electric Northern Colorado’s (DENC) successful group buy program is back for the third time! Through December 31st, Colorado residents can purchase a new 2016 Nissan LEAF for as low as $11,840, a 65 percent discount from the retail price.

This offer is a pre-negotiated bulk purchase discount exclusively through DENC, offering Coloradoans a hassle-free opportunity to drive electric and never pay for gas again. Just last year more than 100 people made the switch to an EV through this program.

Betty and her LEAFBetty Dall (pictured left with her Nissan LEAF), who was the first to purchase a LEAF in DENC’s March 2016 group buy, described the process as pressure-free and easy. “Originally I was nervous about purchasing an EV, but several of my colleagues had purchased a Nissan LEAF through the first group buy and encouraged me to pursue it. The group buy made purchasing a car very simple,” she said. “Having it all pre-negotiated made it very easy.”

This group buy is the latest effort by DENC to make driving electric accessible and more affordable to community members. In addition to the discounted price of $11,840, those who purchase through the group buy get a complimentary Level 2 home charger, the fastest home charging solution available.

There are just three weeks left of this program, so those interested in making the switch to an EV with this cost-saving opportunity, should act quickly.

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For EV Owners

ev-owner-challenge-3We want to show our appreciation for our existing electric drivers for all of their help in promoting Northern Colorado as an EV-friendly community. EV owners have made it possible for Northern Colorado to grow into one of the best places in the nation to drive electric!

That said, DENC launched an EV Owner Challenge in conjunction with the group buy so that existing owners can earn up to $950 in rewards and donations for every referral that results in a group buy purchase! Any EV owner who makes a successful referral can earn $200 cash from Tynan’s Nissan, $500 off a PV solar installation from Sandbox Solar, and $250 donated towards renewable energy adoption for low income families. To refer a friend or colleague, go to the EV Owner Challenge page and fill out a quick form.

For Businesses

The group buy program presents a number of opportunities for businesses. First and foremost, this deal could help interested workplaces build their EV fleets at a much lower rate.

Secondly, employee participation can lead to great reward. The two workplaces with the most employee purchases will earn a Level 2 charging station, compliments of National Car Charging and Verdek. So spread the word to your employees and colleagues, and you can contribute to a new charging station at your workplace!

For Interested Consumers

To learn more about the 2016 group buy and to register, visit DENC’s webpage. Please note, registration is required to receive this pricing, so please register online.

Additionally, we want to offer interested consumers every opportunity to learn as much as possible about the Nissan LEAF and the group buy program, so we have added ‘Ask An EV Owner’ to the list of resources one can utilize. Simply email AskAnEVOwner@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you might have, and you will have direct access to a network of existing EV owners (many of whom purchased through previous group buys) who will answer based on their personal experiences and ownership knowledge.