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Get Involved with the EV Enthusiasts!

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In an attempt to take on more roles and plan more EV activities, the group is transforming its leadership. With EV owner and long-time EV Enthusiast Calvin Holic at the helm, the group is looking to develop a committee structure to tackle this exciting transition!

Whether you’re interested in organizing Ride and Drives, putting together speakers and agendas for the monthly meetings, or taking on fun activities for the group to do, there could be a new role for you in promoting EV adoption and contributing to this volunteer and social group

“As the onus of organization falls onto us as volunteers, I want to see the EV Enthusiast group proactively seek out events they’re interested in participating in, rather than volunteering for the events organized by DENC staffers in the past,” said Holic. “Be it social events for the enthusiasts or advocacy and outreach events for the general public, I want to see this enthusiast group take on more leadership within our local community.”

As for the committee structure, there are three committees for members to get involved in:

EV Ride and Drives


This committee would be responsible for selecting community events to participate in to host a ride and drive, as well as organizing the logistics – namely securing vehicles from the dealerships and organizing volunteers for the event. Ride and Drives have long been an important way to educate the community about electric cars, and help to dispel myths people might have about EVs. All information on organizing Ride and Drives can be found on the revamped Ride and Drive webpage designed to make the process easy to plug and play.

Events and Speakers


This committee would be in charge of finding speakers of interest for the group’s monthly meetings (every other meeting or so) and for organizing other non-Ride and Drive events, such as tabling events and other group social events. In the past, the group has done a tour at the Rawhide Energy Station (pictured above), holiday parties, and other fun social events. This committee could come up with fun activities to further engage the group and truly develop an exciting community around EV ownership.

Outreach and Communication


This committee would handle social media for the Northern Colorado EV Enthusiasts, promotion for events, and EV Enthusiast newsletters. Some activities may include making cover photos for Facebook events, posting to MeetUp, making posters for Ride and Drives or other public events, and more. So if you like design and promotion, this committee could be the one for you!

If you’re interested in any of these committees or activities, email Calvin Holic at with a brief description of your interest. Also, be sure to catch the EV Enthusiast group at their next meeting on June 14th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Snowbank Brewing!