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Colorado Governor’s New Executive Order is Great News for EVs

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Last week, Governor Hickenlooper announced a new executive order- the aim of which is to harness market forces to strengthen Colorado’s position as a leader in clean energy. His main justifications for the order are things everyone can get behind: cleaner, cheaper energy, more jobs, and cleaner air. Governor Hickenlooper envisions a future where Colorado’s infrastructure is powered by cutting-edge technology that provides more freedom and mobility for consumers all while cutting costs, strengthening Colorado’s economy and energy security, and keeping the Rocky Mountain air we breathe as pristine as possible.

semaconnect-chargersThe Governor’s plan is great news for electric vehicle (EV) lovers, as a central component of his plan is the expansion of EV charging infrastructure. The plan dictates that charging stations be built along all major highway corridors in Colorado. The Colorado state government is also partnering with Utah and and Nevada in this effort to enable Colorado EV owners to “drive from Colorado to the Pacific and from Denver to Moffat County without fear.” In his speech, the Governor even used the term “range anxiety.” It is encouraging that concerns central to EV owners have made it all the way to the highest level of state government! Ready for an electric road trip?!

The plan is also sensitive to the fact that the EV miles are only as clean as the grid they are powered by. Hickenlooper aims to encourage the continued growth of technology and innovation in Colorado thereby creating new jobs and introducing new, clean, advanced technologies into our power grid. The position of Wind Energy Technician is the fastest growing job in the country and the Governor intends to harness this national momentum to bring new jobs to Colorado and reduce air pollution.

ev-charging-station-signAs the Governor said in his speech, “The Colorado Rockies are acknowledged as one of the great natural wonders of the world.” The beauty of the outdoors is central to Colorado’s identity. The Governor’s plan allows EVs to play a central role in preserving and protecting Colorado’s core identity. Under the new plan, every electric mile driven in Colorado is a mile that protects our state’s treasures.

Featured image credit: The Denver Channel