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Ride and Drives

Ride and Drives have long been a staple of Drive Electric Northern Colorado’s program goals. By enabling community members and businesses to test drive multiple electric vehicle (EV) models at our events, people gain a greater understanding and familiarity of the technology. These events have been highly important in influencing regional EV education and adoption, and have encouraged thousands to get behind the wheel of an EV.

Now, anyone can host a DENC Ride and Drive with the materials on this website! Visit the sidebar links for step-by-step guides, outreach materials and other resources, and contact information necessary to put on one of these events. The goal of this webpage is to enable any interested party in the community – be it a business, organization, or individual – to organize a Ride and Drive. We provide the resources and knowledge, and anyone can continue to educate community members about electrification and get people to test drive EVs!

Want to organize an event? Review our step-by-step guide to get started.