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Potential Events

Tier 1 Events

Host already expressed interest, they have hosted an event before. Easy to plan and likely to have high attendance.

dsc00149Ken’s Muffler Shop

Event Date: Usually in April
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: Every year Ken’s Muffler Shop hosts DENC Ride and Drive for Earth Week/ National Car Care day. Last year they gave away a free car! They want to host another one in 2017 so this would be a very easy and successful event.


Earth Day

Event Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017 (occurs annually on Earth Day)
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: Earth Day is a fairly successful event, generally drawing 40-50 drivers during DENC’s tenure. Participation in this event may cost money. Refer to the Sustainable Living Association for more information.

National Drive Electric Week

Event Date: September 9-17, 2017 (occurs early-mid September annually)
Contact: Plan and register event here: https://driveelectricweek.org/resources.php
Notes and Recommendations: The Sierra Club makes it VERY easy to organize a Ride and Drive for National Drive Electric Week. Visit the link we provided for all the resources, sponsors, media materials, etc. to help you organize an event in Northern Colorado this year. Hosting an event during NDEW is a good way to gain exposure, be it for a Ride and Drive or EV Rally. A centralized location along with good promotion is important for success.

Mini Maker Faire

Event Date: Usually in October
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: The NoCo Mini Maker Faire has been one of our more successful events for the last few years, generally drawing 50 or more drivers each day of the event. With this event, it is important to secure a location for the vehicles and tent near the front entrance.

Tier 2 Events

The host has previously held a Ride and Drive. Easy to plan and likely to have high attendance, but requires initial outreach by a DENC partner.

slf-rd3Sustainable Living Fair

Event Date: Usually in September in Fort Collins; hasn’t existed since the floods, but could come back
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: The Sustainable Living Fair, when it still occurred, was a very successful event. In the years DENC participated while it was still held, it drew 75-150 drivers. If this event comes back, it is highly recommended to get involved and host a Ride and Drive.

boltVehicle Launch or Release (Specifically Bolt launch in 2017)

Event Date: Likely late summer/early fall
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: As new EV options become available in the region, people will be excited about them. One example would be the arrival of the Chevy Bolt, which would surely draw a crowd. DENC recommends working with Dellenbach or Davidson-Gebhardt to rally a large amount of vehicles, and working with the cities to secure a location.

EV Block Party

Event Date: Summer
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: In June 2015, DENC held an EV Block Party in conjunction with Horse and Dragon, Gallegos Sanitation, and Frameworks Timber that resulted in over 50 drivers, making it one of the more successful events. A similar event could be attempted by pairing with high profile partners.

dba-appRide and Drive with DBA

Event Date: Last was in October 2014
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: Working with the Downtown Business Association to put on a Ride and Drive in a high profile area resulted in over 80 drivers, making it one of the most successful DENC Ride and Drives. A collaboration of this caliber and with a location as good as Old Town could be successful again.

hpWorkplace Ride and Drive

Event Date: Any time
Contact Calvin Holic (calvin.holic@gmail.com) for event contacts.
Notes and Recommendations: Workplace Ride and Drives can be highly successful with the right business. This is a situation moving forward, where the businesses could potentially offer significant organizational assistance. Some workplaces where events have been successful in the past, or where the owner has expressed interest moving forward are: HP (usually around 50-75), Intel (usually around 50), New Belgium/Odells (the one we did was over 100), Ken’s Muffler (expressed high interest in putting one on, offered organization).

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