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Ride and Drive FAQs

How long does it take to plan a Ride and Drive?

A Ride and Drive should be planned at least three to four weeks in advance of the event date. It is recommended to have more lead time than this if possible, with events ideally planned six or more weeks in advance.

How to I go about securing vehicles for a Ride and Drive?

Best practice for securing vehicles is to email the dealerships two to three weeks out from the event date to inquire about vehicle availability on the event date and time. Mention in this email that you are organizing a DENC Ride and Drive. If the dealership has EVs available to dedicate to the event, set a pickup time (you will want multiple people for vehicle pickup) on the day of the event. All vehicles should be on location at the event thirty minutes to an hour ahead of the scheduled start time.

How to I ensure high attendance at an event?

Ride and Drive attendance relies on a number of factors. In order to be most successful, you will want to:

  • Promote well. The best way to get people to your event is to get as many people as possible to know about it. Post to public calendars, social media, share with your friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Partner up. If you partner with an existing event or a business or organization, you can combine efforts to make the event more successful.
  • Secure a central location. A central location puts you in the best position to recruit passers-by for EV test drives. If partnering with another event or a business, positioning yourself up front and center makes a huge difference in attendance.
    • Put the cars as close to the sign-up tent as possible.
  • Incentivize. Offering incentives increases people’s willingness to test drive. Offering food or beverages, or securing a sponsored giveaway are both good options to approach this.

Who covers insurance for a Ride and Drive?

Just like with test drives at the dealership, dealers will have waiver forms for participants to sign. Make sure there are enough waivers in the vehicles upon pickup. Participants will be required to sign a waiver for each variety of EV that they choose to test drive.

How do I recruit volunteers?

Contact Calvin Holic at calvinholic@gmail.com in order to get the full volunteer and enthusiast list.

How much time does set-up take?

You should be there an hour before the event to set up the tent, tables, and other materials, display the vehicles, and have volunteer orientation.

Is it okay for dealerships to send pricing information?

We always encourage this so that consumers can learn about current pricing options on EVs. This will also make dealerships happy to know the event could result in sales leads.

If I come across other questions for my Ride and Drive, is there someone I can reach out to for support?

If, after reviewing the content on this website, you still have Ride and Drive questions, please direct them to bprochazka@electrificationcoalition.org.

Are there other resources available for EV event planning?

The resources page for National Drive Electric Week has a lot of great tips and ideas for hosting your DENC EV event: https://driveelectricweek.org/resources.php

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