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Alleviate Summer 2018 Pain at the Pump with an EV!

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A wide range of analysts, including the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), are forecasting the highest gas prices in four years for the summer of 2018. EIA projects that this summer, gas prices will average around $2.74 per gallon, up from $2.41 per gallon last summer. If we add to these projections the fact that…

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Meet New LEAF Expert and EV Enthusiast, Tom Lotz

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The Following Blog was written by Tom Lotz, the LEAF specialist at Tynan’s Nissan. Tom recently began driving the LEAF and cites the innovative technology and environmental benefits as his two favorite features of driving electric. Whether you are considering purchasing an EV, or just looking for some general information from a professional, Tom is…

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Priority for Charging EVs Shifts to the Workplace; A Vehicle’s Home Away from Home

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The following is a guest blog feature from Bill Williams, Head of North American Sales for Telefonix EV Charging Stations. Now that electric vehicle owners are a few years into the learning curve, clear trends are emerging related to driving habits and charging needs. As public and private agencies seek to install the “right” infrastructure…

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Coloradoan | Soapbox: Electric vehicles help earth, pocketbook

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Fort Collins 4:17 p.m. MST December 11, 2014 Considering purchasing a new car? With up $13,500 in available tax credits available, a plug-in electric vehicle is a smart financial, environmental and national security decision. Doing it before the end of the year will put the tax credits (the state credit is refundable — meaning you…

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