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ZEV Scorecard Ranks States’ Friendliness toward EVs

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Electric vehicle (EV) sales have risen steadily in the United States this decade and are forecast to continue this trend in coming years. Who is leading the way and what can government officials, companies, and consumers do to sustain this upward trend? The Electrification Coalition (EC) released its first Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Scorecard on…

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Coloradoans Have Access to Highest EV Tax Credit in Nation

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There recently have been updates to Colorado’s electric vehicle (EV) tax incentives as they apply to light duty passenger vehicle purchases and leases. Different rules apply to light, medium, and heavy duty alternative fuel trucks as well as for conversions of traditional combustion vehicles to alternative fuel vehicles. As many of our readers are likely…

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Video: You Can Save Up to $13,500 This Year With an EV

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For more helpful information about EV tax credits, as well as the forms needed to apply for the credits, visit DriveElectricNoCo.Org/Tax-Credits Buy an EV Before the End of the Year and Save up to $13,500 on Your 2015 Taxes! In addition to cutting-edge technology and performance, state and federal tax credits are helping to make…

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Fort Collins Educator Starts Electric, Stays Electric

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A recent study by Ford motor company showed that over 90 percent of EV owners plan to buy a second electric car in the future. Nick Peterson, a 9th grade counselor at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, is among this majority. Nick is one of the many EV owners who couldn’t go back…

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Coloradoan | Soapbox: Electric vehicles help earth, pocketbook

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Fort Collins 4:17 p.m. MST December 11, 2014 Considering purchasing a new car? With up $13,500 in available tax credits available, a plug-in electric vehicle is a smart financial, environmental and national security decision. Doing it before the end of the year will put the tax credits (the state credit is refundable — meaning you…

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