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Host a Ride and Drive at Your Workplace

What is a Ride and Drive? 

Dozens of companies and organizations across Northern Colorado are teaming up with DENC and holding fun, interactive Ride and Drive EV programs for their employees.

With a Ride and Drive, employers throughout the region can host an “EV day” for their workforce. For these events, DENC brings up to eight different EV models to your place of work, and employees get the unique chance to try eIMG_0823ach different model, compare and contrast, and learn about EV technology firsthand!

Host a Ride and Drive!

Our Ride and Drive events are fun and engaging, giving people an easy opportunity to experience a diverse lineup of plug-in vehicles at a single event. Employees will learn about the benefits of driving electric, and employers have the chance to show their commitment to the community.

Ride and Drives give businesses the chance to set the example and encourage their employees to drive electric. Through our research, DENC has found that over 85 percent of participants have never driven an EV before attending a Ride and Drive. Importantly, the poIMG_0842rtion of people who consider themselves “likely” or “very likely” to purchase an EV increases by 15 percent after having test driven a vehicle at our Ride and Drive events. This represents a significant opportunity for your company to increase the number of employees that drive electric, decreasing their oil consumption, reducing emissions, and lifting the burden of spending on gasoline for their daily commute.

Signing up is easy!

We are excited to help you organize the perfect Ride and Drive for your workplace, and DENC takes care of 90 percent of planning, set-up, staffing, management, and tear-down for your event. In most cases, the role of the employer is simple. For example:

  1. Pick a date and time that works well for the employees at your company.
  2. Work with facilities at your company to approve the event and notify DENC of approval, once obtained.
  3. Get the word out to employees through every available mechanism. We suggest:
    • Intranet posting (where available).
    • Direct email to employees.
    • Physical flyers posted around the workplace.
    • Announcing at weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings.
  4. Offer some type of incentive to encourage attendance. Many times, this can be as simple as providing lunch outside near the Ride and Drive, so employees have an extra reason to come enjoy the day and experience EVs.

From there, leave the rest up to DENC! We will organize the vehicles, set up and staff the event, and ensure that your employees have a one-of-a-kind Ride and Drive experience.

Contact DENC to schedule your Ride and Drive today!